A Function (2013)

Awarded Korean short thriller/horror movie. Directed by Hyunsoo Lee. Once a part-time Math teacher, Lee understand very well the high tension that South Korean students are facing everyday at school and university. Children, according to Lee, are strongly encouraged to compete with each other and told that achieving high scores is the most important thing in their life. A young student in Lee short movie, therefore, is in a desperate situation: a literally deathly math

When asked about her movie references, Lee answered Eraserhead (aesthetic and sound), Panic Room & Saw (cinematography) and Silent Hill (visual effect)

I find the setting quite impressive. A dark dark dark classroom, incomprehensible (to me) math exam, a headless student corpse (my head would probably explode too) and a killer figure (probably a teacher) waiting to execute any failed students.

read interview with Hyunsoo Lee in http://makeitshort.fr/interview-hyunsoo-lee-a-function/


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