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Unholy Women (2006)

"Kowai Onna"

“Kowai Onna”

I just saw Unholy Women and it’s one of the best horror films I’ve ever seen. The film Japanese title “Kowai Onna” actually means Scary Women. The film comprises of 3 stories: Rattle Rattle, Hagane and The Inheritance. As you might guess, all stories involve female supernatural beings, and for my own interpretation, women’s fear. The main characters in each story are women of various background, facing unpleasant, doubtful, nightmarish situation that I believe many women are afraid of.

Rattle Rattle

unpleasant surprise to find this when you arrive home

imagine finding this lady in your house…

Story of a soon-to-be-bride working woman who encounter a mad ex-girlfriend of her fiance in her house. This crazy woman in red keep chasing her with knife and gradually transform into a kind of blood-thirsty horrifying sprinter Sadako who just turn up everywhere. This one really almost give me a heart attack.


I wouldn't pull that rope

I wouldn’t pull that rope

Strange story indeed. An unfortunate teenage boy is forced to go on a date with his boss’s sister. At first, we can assume that the sister, Hagane, must be a painfully shy secluded woman who lives with her old mechanic brother. When the boy arrives to pick up his date, Hagane appears to have quite a pair of beautiful legs. However, her upper body happens to be covered with potato sack. The woman never speaks, only occasionally grunts or makes weird squeaky laugh. After running wildly around and falling into river, Hagane seduces the boy and let him pulls the rope that tie the sack… Actually, I must say it’s quite a romantic story.

The Inheritance

poor little guy...

poor little guy…

Saeko, a recently divorced single mother and her young son, Michio, moves into Saeko’s ailing mother’s old house in the countryside. The house is quite isolated and has a mysterious heavily locked up shed in its premise. Michio finds out that he has an uncle, but he mysteriously disappeared when he was still a child. And Saeko goes inside the mysterious shed and uncovers the family inheritance or, I’d rather say, curse.


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