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Yami Shibai : The Theatre of Darkness

Yami Shibai The Theatre of Darkness

Yami Shibai
The Theatre of Darkness

A series of Japanese horror animations, Yami Shibai consisting of 13 episodes, all of which always begin with an old man riding an old bicycle into a children playground in late evening. He then call out to children to step right up as it’s time for Yami Shibai (dark tale, literally). His creepy tales are told by using Japanese traditional “Kamishibai” , paper drama or illustrated boards. Thus, the animations are created to resemble Kamishibai as well. Usually, this type of storytelling associate with children stories or moral tales. So it’s just amazing how they can turn Kamishibai into Yami Shibai. The Theatre of Darkness.

Come children. It's time of Yami Shibai

Come children. It’s time for the Theatre of Darkness

Episode 3: "The Family Rule"

Episode 3: “The Family Rule”

“Family Rule” is a story of a young boy who move to his mother’s parents house in the countryside. There, he finds that his mother’s family has this yearly strange ritual called “Calm Through Laughter”


Episode 7 “Contradiction”

“Contradiction” is one of my favourite. Really gave me the creep. A ghost-hunt in an abandoned hospital might just sound like any other ghost stories you’ve heard before. But you will find Contradiction offer a more chilling end.

And you know this is not going to end well

And you know this is not going to end well

“The Umbrella Goddess” (Episode 8) relates story of another poor boy who encounter strange being and some kind of deadly curse.

Yami Shibai 2 just came on air this 6th July. Directed by the same director, Tomoya Takashima.

Yami Shibai 2 (2014)

Yami Shibai 2 (2014)


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