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Suspiria: Mother of Sighs


THE classic Masterpiece of Dario Argento. My first Giallo and Argento movie (I’ve been addicted since). Beautiful sound, colors and most importantly, the setting. I just love the building and its interior design. However, I just found out the setting is an amazing reconstruction of an actual building in Germany.┬áThe building is called Haus zum Walfisch, situated in Freiburg, on the edge of Black Forest. It now houses a bank. The interiors were filmed in Rome. If I could have any house, it’d be this building, without the villain witch and zombie of course.

Also there’s this scary boy who was bitten by the blind pianist’s dog (well, it’s my first blog, not sure at which point I should put “Spoiler” sign). He’s fantastic. A gothic haunting little boy. It look like he just step out of some Elizabethan painting. Reminding me of the Princes in the Tower actually.

I saw the other two Mothers movies : Inferno and Mother of Tears, and much prefer Suspiria.

Argento fans, if you’re reading this, give me a shout. I haven’t met so many, if ever T_T

ah... sweet thick red house-paint-color blood

ah… sweet thick red house-paint-color blood

Found this beautiful poster from darkcitygallery.com

Found this beautiful poster from darkcitygallery.com


My dream house


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